10 Indoor Plants Perfect For Your Apartment

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Paris is famous for its traditional architecture, small apartments, and romantic balconies. Overlooking quaint romantic streets, we make the best of whatever space we live in and make it personal to our tastes. When we have time to escape, we visit parks like Buttes Chaumont to enjoy the magical waterfalls. Today we’ve curated 10 indoor plants to bring an easy yet elegant touch of nature to your home!




 The funky, non-fussy plant requires very little attention and will survive weeks without water. This spiky aesthetic works well in every style of apartment.



 Treat it right and it will treat you well! Keep the plant near a window close to sunlight and water it once a week. Perfect for modern or bohemian decor, this little plant also has great healing properties. The next time you stay in the sun too long cut a piece of leaf and rub all over!



This resilient plant is ideal for the forgetful owner. It sits in water and should be placed out of direct sunlight. Bamboo can go 4 weeks until its next H20 fix. Arrange it accordingly and balance the feng-shui in your home.


Add a pop of color to your home and stimulate your senses. This plant will keep your apartment fresh the natural way without the need for artificial sprays. Its well suited near a window and welcomes any sunshine. (It also helps keep mosquitoes at bay)



Perfect for any home and any house party to show some sophistication. Amongst the easiest herbs to grow are basil, parsley, thyme and coriander. Plant any time of year, keep them watered and near sunlight.


If you want elegance and low maintenance the Peace Lily is the plant for you. Famous for its ability to survive you should water the plant when the soil is dry and leave it sitting in dim light. Treat it well and watch your lily grow.



The Jade Plant has many names and is also known as a Money and Friendship Tree. From the bonsai family, this little tree requires little water and little maintenance. Keep it in a cool dim lit area and admire its charm.


This is a hardy plant with a tough exterior and people often believe it's fake! Like a desert snake it can survive most indoor environments and only requires occasional water when the soil is dry.


If you want a larger plant to bring life to your home the Weeping Fig will sit happily in the corner. Water the plant once a week and trim the stems appropriately. Make sure the leaves stay shiny!




These heart shapes leaves are happy in any loving home. Depending on your preference these plants climb walls, bringing a beautiful charm to any room. They require little sunlight, light watering and last for years.



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