3 Jewelry Trends Emma & Chloe Swears By

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Jewelry has a reputation for being fragile, impractical and one-note. Here at Emma&Chloè, the manufacturing process is just as important as the aesthetics. Here are three trends that Emma&Chloe swears by to create quality products that stay true to our brand. 



Most of our jewelry is handmade in our France or China-based atelier. The many designers that Emma & Chloe work with select jewels, stones and metals on their travels. Artisans use special tools to cut, pound, cast and fuse the materials together to into one-of-a-kind pieces.



Sustainability is a major factor in why we choose to make our products by hand. No machines are used, so our products are made in an environmentally friendly way. Products are made in-house in our atelier to ensure the best quality, one-of-a-kind pieces. Each piece has integrity—meaning that it will retain its value over time and last longer than a factory-produced piece.




Another positive facet of our atelier is that we can create personalized jewelry. The custom trend has been omnipresent lately, as celebs sport nameplate necklaces and initial-themed rings and earrings grace the shelves of mainstream retailers. Though Emma&Chloe can’t put your name on pieces, we customize jewelry with stones and metals of your liking. Choose from silver or gold-plated pieces and stones like labradorite, quartz, turquoise and mother of pearl.



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