7 Fairytale Hairstyles To Transform Your Tresses

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Who said you should save your eccentric hair styles for only weddings and special occasions? We’ve curated 7 stunning hairstyles that can be styled with ease at home for daily wear! For added effect, don’t hesitate to slip on a ribbon, flowers, feathers, or even a few spritzes of glittery spray!


  1.  The French Braid

First, begin by untangling your hair, not forgetting to smooth out any frizziness beforehand. Backbomb your hair on the top of your head to create volume and remove any cowlicks. Add some volumizing mousse on the top of your hair as well. Try Leonor Greyl’s Volumizing Mousse, it’s perfect for achieving that Brigitte Bardot volume. Begin to braid your French braid by separating your hair at the nape of your neck. Braid the hair clockwise and carefully move your braid in the right place. Once this is finished, rumple it slightly for a more natural effect.



  1.  The Messy Ponytail

This look is all about volume. Make a ponytail but leave two pieces of hair loose in front. Add texture to the ponytail by backcombing it or using a volumizing mousse. We're using Leonor Greyl’s new Volume Styling Mousse because it smooths and adds volume where you need it the most! Twist both loose pieces around your fingers and wrap them around your ponytail to hide your elastic. Secure them with one or two hair pins and voila!



  1.  The Braided Diadem

Part your hair and secure in a low ponytail your hair so that it doesn’t move around while you’re braiding. Gather bits of hair in the front of your head and braid using 3 strands at the level of your forehead. Separate this in two and braid each of them. Bring the two braids to the back of your head and tie them together with a third hair tie.



  1. The Fuzzy Chignon

Spray a veil of texturizing spray on your hair. We recommend using Leonor Greyl’s Voluforme because it smooths and holds!  Smooth your strands with the palms of your hands. Make a "loose" low ponytail and twist your strands using clear hair clips. Finally, pull gently on your chignon to give it that perfect "messy" look. Add a final spray of Voluforme and you’re ready to start your day!




  1. Mini-Braids On The Side

Spray a beach spray on your damp hair for a wavy effect. Part your hair to one side. Separate one side of your hair into two sections. Braid two mini braids on the same side. Unbeatable simplicity!



  1.  The Messy Banana Bun  

Spray texturizing spray on your hair. Create lift at your roots by styling with your hands, with your head down. Gather your strands and twisting and tucking them into themselves from the right. Attach your banana chignon using two large hair clips for the structure and several small clips to clean up the look. Last step: gently loosen your bun by pulling on your roots--if you want to avoid looking too severe!



  1. The Fishtail Braid

This look can be worn on the side or in the back. Start by brushing your hair (if you have curly hair, don’t brush it!). Separate your strands in half. To hold the braid in place, you can slide a transparent hair tie at the top of the ponytail. Remove a small strand that you will pull over to bind it with the opposite strand. Do the same on the other side. Reproduce the previous step and continue until desired. Be sure to keep the braid tight as you go, you can pause regularly to tighten your braid which will keep it longer. Finish by tying your braid with a hair tie before loosening your strands a bit for a wilder effect. Et voilà!


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