7 Iconic Bang Styles For Every Face

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As we work our way into August, (hello "back-to-school"!) it's the perfect time to flaunt a classic throwback with your beloved locks. Like chokers and flare jeans, all good things come back 'round. You've likely had bangs at one point or another in your life, but if the last time was when you were still in school uniforms, we think it's time to give it another shot! Because we know you've probably already listed all the cons, we came up with a whole list of pros for your fresh chop! 


First off, bangs will reboot your look with a few easy snips, updating your style without being too radical of a transformation. Not only does it frame your eyes, it also has an “anti-fatigue” effect on your face. Here's why: it hides any wrinkles on your forehead and even small blemishes.


It's important to know the basics of bangs before cutting your hair. For example, on square and elongated faces, it is better to go for longer & voluminous bangs. If the shape of the face is more round, go for a thinner & shorter bangs to lighten up the look. Finally, to help you choose your perfect fringe, here are seven iconic cuts you can show your stylist for inspiration!


1) Vintage like Bettie Page



We can thank Ms. Page for the sexual liberation of the 1950s. With her pin-up bangs, Bettie Page she redefined eroticism. Ask your stylist for rockabilly bangs that reach the top of the head and are slightly shorter at the ends.

2) Royal like Anna Wintour



When you're the editor-in-chief of Vogue, looking pristine 24/7 isn't even a question. Anna Wintour is known for her signature smooth bob and iconic straight-cut bangs. These bangs are perfect and convenient for those who are always busy and on-the-go, but want a flawless look!

3) Punk like Shannyn Sossamon



Underground icon of the 90s, Shannyn Sossamon is the archetype of cool. She's known for her crazy hairstyles, notably the punkette bangs: unstructured and very short, with only a few small hairs on the forehead. Rebellion at its finest.

4) Girly like Françoise Hardy



And to imagine that she thought she wasn’t pretty! Françoise Hardy and her smooth bangs — long, slender, and side-swept — inspired all the girls of her time. These bangs frame long oval faces elegantly and bring attention to the eyes--très chic.

5) Innocent like Audrey Hepburn



The delicately gorgeous Audrey Hepburn was pioneer of unstructured, short-cut bangs. Though many have copied the look, no one has ever managed to look quite as adorable. Try this iconic look if you’re feeling especially sweet!

6) Trendy like Kate Moss



Thanks to Kate Moss, these bangs made a huge comeback in 2009. Thick, long and straight, it's no wonder it became the signature look of countless fashionistas. For those who prefer a less dramatic look, try asking your stylist to emulate this layered fringe instead!

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