Why We're Crazy About Adjustable Jewelry

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We’ve all bought jewelry destined for the back of our drawers. Buying cheap fashion jewelry can be a great and affordable way to finish outfits quickly, but the quality fades and the sparkle disappears. Most large clothing stores have their own collection of mass-produced pieces nowadays but only sell in one-size-fits all or small, medium, large leaving many of us with no options.
We understand the struggles of petite wrists and fuller fingers and so, curate pieces with you in mind (thank us later). One way Emma&Chloe overcame this issue is to work with designers creating adjustable jewelry!

Our jewelry is selected to fit almost anyone, this means our bracelets, cuffs and rings are all adjustable. 
Below is our favourite selection of adjustable jewelry with a few ways to help you wear them. 
If you don't find the information you're looking for in the jewlery description, you may reach Emma&Chloe customer service directly at support@emma-chloe.com.
Happy adjusting!

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