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Beyond its original founder, LUCKYTEAM is composed of a united team sharing common values and perspectives.

Travel and elegance are the pillars from which stem all the creations imagined by the team, hand in hand with artists and craftsmen from around the world.

Inspired by several continents, their lines feature timeless, elegant and unique pieces in which ancestral traditions, nomadic cultures and ethnic influences play an important role.

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Some words about LUCKYTEAM:



1 / Who is behind Lucky Team?
A family story and above all a team. The creator has been able to perpetuate his love for jewelry and conceive his LUCKYTEAM which connects artisans around the world to the brand. Our team is made of people we encountered during travels in India, the Philippines, Mali, Nepal or Thailand.

2 / How was your passion for jewelry born? Why have you created your brand?
The house LUCKYTEAM was born in 2007 under the sun of the French Riviera, between the palm trees and the Croisette, in Cannes. The founder, a jeweler’s greatson,  had the idea to create a jewelry brand in memory of his many travels, through lucky charms with chic bohemian trends.


3 / Tell us about the name of your brand, Lucky Team.
LUCKYTEAM aims to create its universe through the artisans who will in retur will work with the aspiration of sharing it with our customers. It is around a team spirit that LUCKYTEAM advocates sharing and good vibes, the name came quite naturally.



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4 / How do you describe your universe?
Like a lucky charm or a talisman that is always worn on you, the jewels of the house are timeless, elegant and unique. Our creations are handmade and combines chic bohemian trends with a traditional ethnic side.

5 / What materials do you work with or prefer to work with?
Our creations are all different, we work our jewelry with stones that are natural (fine stones), pearls of Philippine woods, Bali shells, Indian silk, cotton liberty etc.


6 / What are your sources of inspiration?
The word TRAVEL fully summarizes this question and especially the global philosophy of the brand LUCKYTEAM which is inspired by his travels and discoveries of traditions and ancestral beliefs.



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