August Jewelry Piece... REVEALED!

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This month discover the Solly bangle by L’Atelier Emma&Chloé, our best-selling piece from Les Singulières collection!


The Singulieres collection by L’Atelier Emma&Chloé characterizes the bold yet charming woman who fascinates anyone who crosses her path. This original collection plays with the reptilian theme bringing a touch of edginess and elegance.



The snake is a powerful symbol around which L'Atelier Emma & Chloé wished to dedicate its Singulières collection.
After many hours of work and multiple sketches, the sought-after association of an elegantly divine femininity has been revealed.
By wrapping subtly around the wrist, the Solly bangle enchants and protects those who wear it.




Choose this piece piece made with brass and delicately gilded with 18K fine gold or dipped in a silver bath.


Regular retail price: $69


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