August's Designer Piece... Revealed!

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This months designer is Leslie Khayat.

HELLES is an expressive jewelry brand easily distinguished by its glam rock appeal. It brings the worlds of jewelry design and glam rock together to create contemporary rebellious style. You can expect hammered, perforated and chiseled textures in gold and silver as well as bright semi precious stones. The brand is a real celebration of individuality. 

August's designer piece is the...

The STONE ring was born from the desire to bring color into the HELLES collection. It is designed with simplicity and fine lines to emphasize the stone. Leslie chose turquoise for its protective properties and mother-of-pearl for serenity and well-being. Its the perfect touch of sophistication to your outfit.

How would you advise people to wear your piece of the month?

It's a little touch of freshness for all summer outfits! A tank top, denim shorts and a light flowered kimono for example. And don't be hesitant to wear this piece in combination with other jewels, stack it all up! 

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