#BackToBasic: Fresh Faced In 3 Simple Steps

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It's been a long week here at Emma & Chloè headquarters and we're in desperate need of some pampering. We're going back to basics with our skin care routine with 3 simple steps: natural products, clean eating, and good sleeping. As the French say, “La vie est belle, et vous êtes comme elle.” 


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1. Natural Ingredients For Your Skin


You may have your favorite skin care products, but over time they could be doing you more harm than good. Over time, our skin and hair become reliant on chemical solutions and experience withdrawals when you stop using them. If you can't ditch your products, make an effort to go nude of makeup & harsh products periodically to keep your skin balanced and healthy.

Raw honey: Use on skin. Can be used to fight break outs, fight allergies or rashes, reduce scars and heal wounds. It holds antiseptic qualities and skin boosting acids.
Tip: Make your own homemade exfoliant with raw honey and brown sugar. 

Coconut oil:
Use on skin, hair, and teeth. Can be used to cleanse, moisturise, heal sunburn and skin ailments (and a great lubricant to shave with!) Also holds antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antioxidant properties.

Tea tree oil:
Use on problematic skin as a great acne remedy. The active ingredients help fight break outs, redness and inflammation. Tea tree oil is naturally anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.

2. You Are What You Eat 

We all know that great skin starts from the inside out—and that starts with what you put into your body. We recommend adding these superfoods into your diet, for radiant glowing skin. All of these foods are packed with antioxidants that help your body fight off disease-forming pollutants.

Pomegranate: Love a dewy look? This fruit enhances the skin’s ability to retain moisture, leaving your face look energized and fresh. Pomegranate is filled with anti-oxidant rich vitamins C and B3, which keep your body’s immune system healthy.

Green Tea:
Slows down the breakdown of collagen which keeps your skin firm, yet plump and youthful. Green tea also has anti-inflammatory properties, which help with redness and irritation of the skin.

Has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, effective at combatting acne and irritation. Besides calming your skin, it’s also been used to heal blemishes and minor wounds. Garlic: Can help fight and reduce acne.

If you feel the common cold creeping up on you, chop up and eat a raw garlic clove to keep the infection at bay!


3. Get Your Beauty Sleep

If you're past your twenties, you've likely noticed that your body isn't the spring chicken it once was. It's harder to switch off at night, find time to relax, and most of all--avoid technology. The average adult needs should get at least 8 hours of sleep to function properly the next day. After several nights of interrupted sleep, concentration depletes and begins to impact your decision making processes. Sleep deprivation can lead depression and has a serious effect on your health and immune system.

Tip: Crack a window and let the breeze blow through; lowering your body temperature improves and induces sleep.


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