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Discover Nils Avril, the French designer of the February box

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Nils Avril is a fine jewelry brand founded in 2008. Her products are sold in France and abroad but every single piece is handmade in the Parisian workshop of the Designer. Let you be tempted by the brand's universe with refined jewelry that will sublimate any outfits.


What is your signature in your creations? Nils Avril is a brand of costume jewelry, fine and colorful, created in 2008 and constantly evolving since. Distributed in France and abroad, the jewelry is made in small series by the designer in her Parisian studio.


What is your journey in the world of jewelry? My journey in jewelry is not really "classic." I have a bachelor degree in Cinema. After 8 years of cinematographic production, where I created jewelry to escape,and to maintain my creativity, I decided to create my jewelry business (in 2008). This is how Nils Avril came into being. It started first in the corner of my living room, then little by little invading my apartment, and I finally took the whole thing to a small Parisian studio, which is also my shop.


Where do you take your inspiration from? I take my inspiration from everywhere. I am very curious about life. The actresses are one of my inexhaustible source of inspiration (Gena Rowland, Romy Schneider, etc ...) but also my precious friends, and most women in general. I also have a great passion for prints (fabrics, tapestries, wallpaper, etc ...). They nourish my imagination and creativity.


What are your plans for the future? With two large collections to deliver per year, I must renew myself all the time and still keep my identity. I'm currently finishing the production of the SS 2017 while already thinking about the next collection. 

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