Discover Paris: 5 Must-Try Coffee Shops

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Paris has perfected the café culture of sitting for hours, reading, sipping, discussing, and observing the passersby. The problem in the past was that baristas in most Parisian cafés never perfected the coffee part of this equation.


In the past 10 or so years coffee culture--influenced from the UK, USA, Australia, and beyond--has brought a new wave of coffee shops to Paris. Whether you’re a coffee snob who likes to discuss beans and roasts, or just someone who wants a good flat white, here’s your list of the best coffee shops in Paris.

1. HOLYBELLY - Canal Saint-Martin



Less of a coffee shop and more of an innovative eatery, Holybelly has become a legend by the Canal. The young and the cool flock here for a table and a chance to dive into the delicious pancakes and eggs. Stop in for a coffee during the off-hours (it gets packed during breakfast and lunch rush) and you’ll get some of the city’s finest drinks.



2. TEN BELLES - Canal Saint-Martin



This tiny shop right off the Canal is mecca for the hipster coffee scene, serving up fresh brew from the now-famous Belleville Brûlerie (a roaster located not far from the shop). One of the first real coffee hotspots in the area, this place has remained popular due to their great coffee, simple lunch, homemade cakes, scones and jam, and thick hot chocolate. Space is limited, so consider getting it to-go and sitting along the canal’s banks.



3. HARDWARE SOCIETE - Montmartre



Hailing just this year from Melbourne, Hardware Société brings the best of down under to the Parisian table. Located in touristy Montmartre, the shop is just out-of-the-way enough from the bustle to feel hidden. French pastries round out a menu filled with fruit-topped French toast, eggs, bacon, salmon, and other brunch staples. The cold brew coffee and chai lattes are the best you’ll find in the area



4. CAFE CRAFT - Canal Saint-Martin



Part coffee shop, part coworking space, Craft is a bit more grown-up feeling than the other neighborhood hangouts. This shop serves up excellent coffee drinks, both espresso and filter, from local roaster Lomi. You can grab a seat in the back and spend some time getting work done, but if you want that Wi-Fi password you’ll be forced to buy coffee and a cake or two. You poor thing, you.



5. FONDATION CAFE - Upper Marais


Run by an Australian alumni of Ten Belles, Foundation is a tiny shop just a stones throw from the greenery of the Square du Temple. If one of the dozen or so seats isn’t available, take your cup a emporter (to go) and check out the scenery in the square. Foundation always has a solid filter coffee, including an iced version when it’s hot. Their beans hail from Belleville Brûlerie, and their selection of cakes is excellent. We recommend trying the banana bread--you'll be a die-hard fan afterwards too.


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