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The brand Les Tatillonnes is led by the talented designer Gaïa Anastasio, and created with delicate, unique jewelry pieces in mind. Her latest collections play with geometric lines and shapes, and feature strong stone accents to finish any sophisticated Parisian look.


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1) What’s your story before you created your jewelry brand?

I was born and raised in Lorraine, France, and studied in Lille before moving to Paris to find a job. After 4 years working as a graphic designer for Konbini Media, and spending a year as an artistic director at an agency, I decided to launch my own jewelry brand in January 2017.

I don’t have an academic background in jewelry design, but my work experiences gave me a real taste for beautiful design and guided me in this direction. During my first few months in Paris, I started creating jewelry and in August 2013, I officially launched Les Tatillonnes. Since then, my love for jewelry has only grown!

2) So you’re still an artistic director, what’s your secret to thriving in two different careers?

The process of creation is incredible for me. Thinking about new designs, creating a collection which is consistent with the brand identity and standard, but renewing the line with products that haven’t been done before. It’s extremely stimulating. Before launching myself fully into my own brand I hadn’t realized how much I love the entrepreneurial side of it all! Launching a company, setting up long term’s an aspect of my job that I love, even if it’s challenging!

3) How would you define your brand, Les Tatillonnes?

Les Tatillonnes features clean lines contrasted against textured, bright geometric shapes! I called my brand "Les Tatillonnes" because I love working with and focusing on small details (and I was blessed with two very small and precise hands!)

4) Which one of your jewelry pieces do you wear the most often?

My earrings, without hesitation! I never go out without them, I feel so naked when I forget them!

5) How would you recommend styling your geometric jewelry pieces?

I wouldn’t want to limit it down to one type of fashion style--I love that anyone can wear my pieces in their own unique way! However, I do have a crush on classic and elegant wardrobes. Personally I love to pair my jewelry with a black turtleneck with a high-waisted pant.

6) Do you have “muses of inspiration” for your designs in your daily life?

I would say that generally everything around me or small things throughout my day are inspiring for me: a building, a grid, a stained glass window...I also love architecture, it gives me ideas for the materials and colors I use!

7) What are the origins behind your latest collection for Autumn & Winter 2017?

For this new collection, I focused on plexiglass material. Usually I use primarily metals, but this time I wanted to try something new. I made combinations of colors on the same jewel, while keeping a consistent theme of geometric shapes.

8) What materials do you like to work with when making jewelry?

I love traditional jewelry: the combination of gold and precious stones is sublime to me. I wanted to create collections around these themes for my clients, but in a more contemporary way. So I had this idea to work with the plexiglass as if it was a precious stone or gem. There are so many different types of plexiglass: pearlescent, marbled, etc and I am fond of this material with endless possibilities! All my jewelry is made with golden brass and 24-carat fine gold.

9) It’s clear you love working on new projects, what will be your next challenge?

I would love to open a brick-and-mortar shop in the future, that would be so exciting! Having a first-hand connection with my clients, decorating the shop, selecting jewelry creators that I’d love to collaborate’d be a dream come true. But before that, I still have a lot of things to do to develop my current brand.


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