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Introduction to our petit blog

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Hey jewelry lovers!

We hope you are enjoying the rest of the summer! Here in France it’s already the month of vacation! Chloe and I aren’t on vacation right now (but we soon will be!). We are currently sitting outside of Chez Lili et Marcel (a café just outside of my apartment) writing this little introduction for you guys (and dreaming about that time we spent a week on Promenade des Anglais, sipping mojitos and doing nothing).

We have decided to create this blog because we want to connect to you through another platinum other than our jewelries. This blog is dedicated to the little things that could bring a smile to your face or brighten up your day. We will be posting every week, from beauty tips to simple French lessons to our philosophy on life and love, all with a French twist! Not only Chloe and I will be writing on this blog, but also our franco-américaine team, Laura, Clementine, and Ye, who are based in New York City!

This week we want to give you three tips on choosing a jewelry for a day at the beach!

1. You always want to choose a dainty piece of jewelry because you don’t want the jewelry to wear you down. You want a piece that looks cute but also enables you to jump and to run. After all, it’s what you came here for, to have fun! I have personally picked out this long button necklace from our March box, created by French Designer Barbarisme that will be perfect for a weekend getaway.

2. Because of the salt and the sand that might cause damage to your pieces, I would go with jewelry that is made from precious metal and gemstones. Laura from our U.S. office is completely in love with the brass covered by 24k gold and onix stones bracelet made by one of her favorite designer Caroline Najman.  3. You should try to avoid loose-fitted rings because the water might shrink your fingers! Chloe’s top picks for this month, while dreaming about going back to the south of France, are these mini post earrings designed by the then-architect-now-jewelry designer, Calepinage.


Want to hear more? Stay tuned for next week’s blog for tips on how to dress for “le premier rendez-vous”(the first date)! And if you have any recommendations or suggestions for future posts, feel free to shoot us an email at! We would love to hear from you! 




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