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Hey girls!

It’s back to school time am I right? Are you guys excited? When I was back in high school, the only time that I was looking forward to being back at school was because my crush, who I haven’t seen for a whole entire summer, was going to be there as well. Today I want to give you guys tips on how to look fresh and elegant on your first day back to school.


  1. Don’t apply foundation. Instead, go for a CC cream or tinted moisturizer to even your skin tone. Even if there are little imperfections that a CC cream can’t cover up. Don’t worry, these imperfections will make you look natural and not someone who just caked on 50 layers of foundation.
  2. Forget about fake lashes and eye shadows. Double up your mascara as an eyeliner. Again, we want to achieve a look that is as natural as possible. By dabbing your wand lightly against your upper eyelid, you can highlight on your inner eyelid while being discreet.
  3. If you feel bold enough, put on some red lipstick! I know I’ve been trying to tell you to look natural. But nothing like bright red lipstick on a neutral face will make you stand out!
  4. Of course, we can’t go without our Olympe cuff! It is an elegant golden cuff decorated with leather strips that will enhance any look!


Because we understand what it is like, having been students ourselves, we have a very special surprise for you! Use the code: STUDENT to get $26 dollars off of your first box!





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