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July Jewelry Piece... REVEALED!

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This month discover the Lucky long necklace by the French designer LUCKYTEAM!


Reminiscent of the amulets of yesteryear, the  necklace of the month is all about the texture. The pendant made of brushed brass, is inspired by Indian civilization and evokes the raw materials that are a characteristic of the cultural wealth of the country.


Symbol of energy, courage and strength, the garnet stone on the necklace is said to protect those who wear it.



Choose this piece piece made with brass and delicately gilded with 18K fine gold or dipped in a silver bath. Brushed necklace and garnet stone.


Regular retail price of necklace: $97

Total value of the box with sunglasses: $152


First-time subscribers? Get your first box 20% off NOW w/ code WELCOME at checkout!


Discover your new favorite SubApollo sunglasses!


Your July boxes include a complimentary pair of sunglasses from SubApollo!
SubApollo is a subscription box that delivers two hand curated premium sunglasses, every 3 months, to your doorstep for only $15. 



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  • I’m so excited to get my necklace and try the sunglasses. I already signed up for the subapollo monthly sub. I’m so loving this subscription so much. I feel like I’m on cloud 9 when I wear my French pieces of jewelry. Thank you Emma&Chloe ❤️🥇

    deborah aiello-wilson on

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