July's Designer Piece... Revealed!

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Nilaï Comar is a bohemian inspired jewelry designer from Turkey. Her pieces relay a story of her childhood, having spent 18 years venturing daily to the great bazaar of Istanbul. Her collections are an explosion of color and eastern aesthetic that exude the essence of summer.

July's designer piece is the...

It was during a trip to India that led Nilaï to the Maldives, where she discovered the importance of the cowry shell. Its symbolism fascinated her! It was used as currency throughout Oceania, China, and it is still used as so in Africa! Wearing it would bring wealth and prosperity, luck and travel. Nilaï loves this touch of exoticism in her jewelry. The Cauri Bangle is truly a summer piece.

What color swimsuit would you (Nilaï) recommend wearing with the piece of July?
Definitely turquoise or coral.

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