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Hey Jewelry lovers!

Sorry for the delay! I was sick for some time this week, and I’m finally feeling better! I was under a lot of stress and was feeling quite anxious. But while I was sick I thought a lot about my anxiety. And although I can’t make it go away completely, I can definitely help to ease some of the unnecessary pain that it was causing me.

There’s a verb in French that’s called “profiter,” which means “to take advantage of,” and we often associate it with the word for life. We say “profite de la vie.” It could be translated as making the most of your life. But I personally prefer translating it as taking advantage of your life. Because it adds a little bit of “selfishness” connotation to it. We often feel like we are obliged to do many things, and the concept of “work hard, play hard” has been engraved in the heads of many, but between all the partying till you blackout and working to your limit, when are we actually thinking that we should take some time for ourselves?

Without further ado, I want to introduce to you seven ways to relax and to calm down.


  1. First and foremost, breath. I know it sounds obvious but ask any psychiatrist, breathing the right way is one of the best ways to calm down. There are many tutorials online to help you practice breathing. I strongly suggest the video on Ujjayi Breathing from Yoga With Adriene.
  2. Take a bath. I understand taking too many baths may be counterproductive on different levels. But once in a while, reading in your bath could stir up the most tranquil sentiments.  
  3. Chocolate with a cup of tea. It doesn’t have to be chocolate. Any sweet pick-me-up will do the trick. Trust me, it works.
  4. Light up some candles. I’m very sensitive to smell. Scents that are reminiscent of my childhood or of a certain memory will shift my depressive moods into a happy, peaceful one in a second.
  5. Watch your favorite T.V. series. We all know that there’s nothing that a good episode of Games of Thrones can’t cure. If one doesn’t work, make that two.
  6. Lavender spray is one the best and natural ways to calm down. Be extra careful if you are making your own lavender spray, make sure the essential oil you use is pure and of high quality. Also make sure to dilute it with lots of water. I would recommend buying the ready-made ones. The Australian Bridestowe bears are a stable at my house.
  7. Online shopping is also a good way to release the pressure. You can start treating yourself by going on to our online shop! Aren't these diamond shaped stones gorgeous to look at?!             

Of course you don’t have to do exactly what I advised you to. I’m not here to give you more tasks. The real takeaway from this post is really to treat yourself like you would treat your loved ones. You are worth it.



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