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Anne Thomas is our French jewelry designer of September! Her original collections are inspired by colorful geometric designs and are perfect for those who rock unique yet chic styles. Starting off as a coveted stylist for Parisian women, she’s now styled women around the globe for more than 10 years. Anne Thomas highlights French artistry with her diverse range of lacquered jewelry, made entirely in France.


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1) How did you discover your passion for jewelry?

I have always loved creating art with my hands. My first pieces of jewelry were made with ceramics; jewelry design is a field of artistic expression that has continued to evolve for me over the years.


2) What was your inspiration for the brand?

In 2005, I participated in a contest for up-and-coming designers organized by the major department store Le Printemps in Lyon. I won an award and had the amazing opportunity to host my own jewelry pop-up there during the busiest holiday season of the year. Thanks to this beautiful exhibition and success, I participated in my first trade show and the adventure of Anne Thomas really dream came true: to share my jewelry creations with the world!


3) What was your favorite moment of launching your own jewelry brand?

Being at the head of my own jewelry brand is an indescribable adventure in itself, rich in encounters and discoveries. I honestly cannot choose a single best memory ...


4) What is your most memorable collection?

In 2015, as an homage to Yael Naim’s album "Older", I designed a unique piece in golden brass to match the theme of an owl which was on the cover of the album. The breastplate was designed with black brass “feathers”, a necklace, and a pair of gold earrings. This capsule collection was available exclusively to the concept store Merci. It was interesting to mix the two artistic universes of fashion and music, and particularly exciting to work with one of my favorite music artists!


5) Which of your designs is the most popular?

The REDA ring is one of my flagship designs. Gold-plated in 18 carats, the application of the lacquer is done 100% by hand. My collections evolve, but this jewel remains one of our bestsellers!

6) What's the best advice you've ever received?

To find inspiration from my daily life, and to create only things that inspire me and that I truly enjoy. In creating original designs, one must know how to use a freedom of expression beyond trends, preconceived ideas, and not yield to simplicity.


7) What's your inspiration for your next collection?

For the Winter 2017 Collection, I wanted to work on new artisanal techniques with jewelry wax. The careful polishing work on each piece makes each jewel unique.

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