Meet The French Designer Of April: Coralie de Seynes

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After graduating from ESMOD Paris, Coralie spent three years at Hermes with Jean-Paul Gaultier and decided in January 2009 to create her own brand. Since its creation, “Coralie de Seynes Paris” has found its place in prestigious department and concept stores including Franck & Fils and Merci. She’s worked with Bonpoint and won the Jewelry Style Competition in 2011, and today she sells her products in several outlets around the world. Coralie’s work is characterized by bohemian, urban and chic designs using brass chains, leather, and enamel. All her jewelry is made in France and in 2013, the brand expanded to launch its first line of designer bags!


Where do you take your inspiration from?

I draw my inspiration from the world around me, the street, the movies, the exhibitions, the travels and the people I meet. Since my first collection, the various techniques around braiding have become an essential source of inspiration that evolves over the seasons, becoming the signature of Coralie de Seynes Paris.

What was your journey into the world of jewelry?

After training at Esmod Paris and three years at Hermès with Jean Paul Gaultier, I decided in January 2009 to start my eponymous brand: Coralie de Seynes Paris. Since my first collection, we have found our place in prestigious multi-brand stores such as Franck & Fils, Merci, and we collaborated with Bonpoint. We won the Jewelry Edition Contest in 2011 and now we have several points of sale worldwide. Leather, brass, twisted and braided pieces are at the center of our collections.

What are you most excited about right now?

Recently one of our jewelry pieces has been selected by the brand “Des petits hauts.” It will be found in shops in France starting from the end of February!!! We are delighted with this beautiful collaboration :)

How many pieces do you create for each of your collections?

We have two collections per year, an autumn-winter collection and a spring-summer collection where about 60 different jewelry designs are on display about forty timeless pieces and about twenty new pieces per season. Don’t forget that each model comes in several colors which therefore makes so many more choices!


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