Meet The French Designer Of July: Nilai Comar

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Nilai Comar was born in Turkey and gave life to her own jewelry brand 10 years ago. Nilai’s jewelry is heavily influenced by her eastern background, having spent 18 years visiting the great bazaar of Istanbul. Nilaï is a chic, bohemian brand, working with 24K fine gold plated jewelry, natural stones, and lucky symbols.

How was Nilai born?
The brand Nilaï was born 10 years ago from a piece of jewelry made by my eldest daughter Victoria. The first collection in a long series, I had a craze for kids jewelry before quickly progressing onto jewelry for moms. I reflected for a long time on the name that I wanted to give to my brand, it was very symbolic to me. I decided to use my Turkish first name, Nilai, which means the ‘The Moon of the Nile’. 

You use a lot of colour in your collections, how do you select them?
We have two collections that follow the seasons of fashion. For the summer period, it is an explosion of color with turquoise hues against coral to create contrast. In the winter, we get a little mellow, we use deeper blues such as Lapis or Carnelian blue. Three seasons ago, we started working with semi-precious stones. These offer more neutral colors such as the Labradorite crystal, a sober and subtle stone which I particularly like for its protective properties.

What material do you prefer to work with and why?
I prefer to work with semi precious stones and yellow gold. It’s my eastern influence that comes out. I am a gold addict when it comes to the finishes of my creations.

How would you identify your brand and style?
Bohemian and rock influences intertwine themselves in the mix of my jewelry. The rock side, as I see it, is the accumulation of pieces. The boho style is the play on colors and the structure of jewelry pieces to create one’s own look. At Nilaï, we collect jewelry to our hearts content! I also like products that are two in one or three in one for example, when one changes a necklace into a cuff by turning it several times around the wrist.

You are our desinger of July, what does your jewelry mean to you?
This jewelry represents summer. We don't always wear the same jewelry every day, I personally like to wear lots of color. We create our own collections according to the seasons and July’s piece will be my favourite for the summer.

What colour swimsuit would you recommend wearing with the piece of July?
Definitely turquoise or coral.

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