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Meet The French Designer Of June: Vadine Sister

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Vadine Sister has been creating jewelry since the age of 16. She studied art history at school and went onto train with other creators including the Marseille MAKE collective and it was here that she formed her first jewelry line. Using mixed materials Vadine formed her high fashion brand in 2010 and is now famed for her solar and lunar inspired designs.


When did your brand and success story begin?
I’ve been interested in jewels since I was very young. I was destined for dance, I loved it and that is why I studied contemporary dance and choreography in school. Six years ago I decided to stop and return to my original passion, jewelry. The two topics are directly related, my study of dance inspires me every day in my creations, my inspirations, and in terms of my organization.


Your design studio is in Marsielle, why have you named it Oscar? 
I share my atelier with another designer, Charlotte Rekassa designs the clothing brand Charlotte. We both consider our brands to be our “babies”. This is where everything is born and created! When we were trying to choose the name for our shared atelier we decided to give it a masculine baby name. And that is how Oscar was born!


You describe your brand as solar and lunar, what does it signify?
My brand is influenced and inspired by my travels and the south of France, specifically the sun of Marseille, where I found all my inspiration and designed my jewelry. My creations are equally spiritual with stones that recharge themselves in the sun or from the moonlight. The stones are full of energies that recharge at different moments of the day. Solar or lunar, my jewelry comes from the south and every piece has the same positive energy effect.


Where did the idea of using mixed materials come from?
I like to mix stones, seashells, silk string, cotton string and other materials because of the spiritual and cultural properties. I mix the amount of precious stones and cotton and the same goes for the less precious stones with brass. This combination is imperfect and brings a poetic notion with cut stones and materials that become more beautiful with time. The jewels create emotions alongside a story that was created in my atelier. The story of each piece of jewelry will later evolve into whatever the client wishes.


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