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October Jewelry Piece... REVEALED!

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This month discover the Cosmos earrings by the French designer LES TATILLONNES!




Inspired by the '90s, this piece plays on a perfect balance of lines and curves. A pearl white plexiglass area is delicately lined with gold-plated brass or immersed in a rectangular silver bath. Surprisingly light, these earrings are as good with an evening dress as with jeans and sneakers.



Behind Les Tatillonnes, lies Gaïa Anastasio, a talented designer who, after several years in graphic design, has put her creative eye to the service of her own brand. Geometric inspirations, clean lines and contemporary materials merge to form unique jewelry, both statement and more minimalist pieces.



Available EXCLUSIVELY in your October boxes!



Choose this piece piece made with brass and delicately gilded with 18K fine gold or dipped in a silver bath.
Regular retail price: $82



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