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Our January designer is....

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Inspired by her many travels, our French designer of the month, M.A. STONE likes mixing different cultures and inspirations nourished by Amerindian and spiritual influences. 

Passion and patience come in handy when she creates these meticulous delicate and timeless pieces!


Drawn to the world of vintage, Marie-Astrid is always looking to add an ancient twist to any of her contemporary and minimalist designs.



Who is behind the brand M.A. STONE?

Marie-Astrid, a 30-year-old Parisian always shadowed by her three chihuahuas!

Epicurean, athletic, crazy about travellings and binge-watching tv shows.

What was your career before the creation of your jewelry brand?

I studied design and model making, and then I quickly wanted to specialize in accessories. As soon as I was done, my teachers and friends all agreed that I had to create my own brand ... so I listened to them and I started in November 2012.



How was your passion for jewelry born? Why did you create your brand?

Originally, M.A. STONE was a brand of leather goods but I knew it was only a starting point. In April 2013, the idea of designing jewelry came to mind. I started to sketch models that looked like me, my travels and the people I had met.

Then in March 2013, during a trip to Bali, destiny led me to a talented jewelry craftsman with whom I decided to create some pieces. When I came back, I put them in the shop! Since then, I cannot stop designing, I am fascinated by the endless possibilities there are in art-making or sculpture.


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