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When two sisters from Lyon with a passion for beautiful materials, decided to create their own jewelry brand, 13 fevrier was born. They scouted, searched and searched among vintage chains, glass beads, semi-precious stones and forgotten treasures to imagine necklaces and bracelets that would emanate a vintage yet contemporary look!




A little about 13 fevrier: 


What was your background before the creation of your jewelry brand?


I have a pretty unusual background! I am a lawyer. I wanted to defend the design and specialized in copyright, trademark law ...

After 4 years as a lawyer I worked for an online photo gallery. At the same time, I created the brand 13fevrier with my sister and I devoted myself fully to this brand for 4 years. My sister has finally followed another path.

The guideline of my career is therefore creation in all its aspects. Defend it,

promote it, and now participate! I love creative entrepreneurs, people who are bubbling with ideas!


How was your passion for jewelry born? Why have you created your brand?

I always liked accessories ... This little extra details make the difference!

I love jewelry because creativity is limitless. 13 fevrier was an opportunity to start my own business and work with the freedom I wanted.

It was also a way for me to reconcile family and professional life.


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