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Behind Les Tatillonnes, lies Gaïa Anastasio, a talented designer who, after several years in graphic design, has put her creative eye to the service of her own brand. Geometric inspirations, clean lines and contemporary materials merge to form unique jewelry, both statement and more minimalist pieces.




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Some words about LES TATILLONNES: 


1 / What was your path before the creation of your jewelry brand?

Originally from Lorraine, I studied in Lille, then moved to Paris for work. After 4 years as a graphic designer in the Konbini media and 1 year as artistic director at the Uzik agency, I decided, in January 2017, to launch myself full time in my brand.

I have no training related to jewelry but my job has guided me to this vocation. It was during my first months in Paris that I started creating jewelry. I founded Les Tatillonnes in August 2013. Since then, my love of jewelry has only grown and allowed me to develop my brand.


2 / How would you describe the Tatillonnes? What does the name of your brand mean?

The Tatillonnes are well-controlled lines, clean forms, big, bright and showy! I called my brand "Les Tatillonnes" because I like precision and I have two little perfectionist hands.


3 / What are the materials that you like to work and offer to your customers?

I love traditional jewelry. The association of gold and precious stones is sublime to me. I wanted to offer something like this to my customers but in a more contemporary way. So I had the idea to work plexi as a precious stone. There are all kinds of plexi: pearlescent, sequined, marbled, I'm fond of this material with infinite possibilities!


4 / What projects do you have in mind that you still have to do?

I would love to create objects that would be in line with my brand! And why not open a store in a few years!

6 / What are your new sources of inspiration for your current collections?

I would say that in general, I am inspired by everything around me: a building, a grid, 
a stained glass window ... I also love the design, it gives me ideas of materials, colors and associations. And for this new collection, I have very vintage inspirations, while remaining graphic and clean.


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