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The Chicest NYC Spots for Valentine’s Day Rendez-vous

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Juliette’s is located at 135 N 5 th Street, in Williamsburg, it is one of our favorite spots
for Nouvelle cuisine and a romantic rendezvous. A quaint and adorable bistro with
both a rooftop bar and an indoor garden, it is a top choice of French restaurants
amongst longtime New Yorkers and millenials alike. With a wide-ranging menu for
brunch, lunch, as well as dinner, couples or groups can enjoy a vast array of French-
tinged cocktails and wines. Juliette’s is an absolute must for those seeking
authenticity in their cuisine. From Croque-Monsieurs to Duck Confit, we ensure this place will have you and your love exclaiming “Enchante!” this Valentine’s Day.





Bouvette’s, a four and a half star restaurant dedicated to “the Enjoyment of Eating
and Drinking”, is located in Greenwich Village and is a premier bistro for the truest
French cuisine in New York City, with a second location in Paris’ 9 th arrondissement
adding to its authenticity. It is safe to say this restaurant is a highly regarded go-to for New Yorkers longing for a romantic escape into the City of Love for the night. A menu that is entirely French, this chic small plates spot is perfect for dining groups, large or small. We recommend the Coq au Vin if you are really trying to treat yourself to the most authentic and delicious French dish NYC has to offer.





Raoul’s is by definition a 40-year- old institution in the trendy heart of Soho. Retro
cosmopolitan by nature, opening the doors of this gem transports you and your
Valentine’s date straight into a classic Parisian scene from the 70’s. Luring you and yours into the glamorous world of Bridgette Bardot, Yves Montand, and Simone Signoret. Not to be ignored, though, is the real star of the evening, is the Au-Poivre Burger. This tres chic French burger will have you yearning for more; featuring a heavenly juicy brisket patty topped with authentic French ingredients. Mastering the pronunciation of the ingredients is yet another exciting level to cross into your assimilation to French culture). If the idea of Raoul’s tickles your fancy get ready to fight for your chance to engorge upon these delicacies-- -- only about a dozen dishes
are served a day!


Les Enfants De Boheme



Les Enfants De Boheme is the coziest spot for a lovely French brunch or romantique dinner bites, as well as cocktails inspired by the provincial land itself. While accommodating large groups i.e. families with children or casual friend meet-ups; this ideallic spot is utter perfection for tender romantic outings. With a menu comprised of entirely French inspired appetizers, entrees and desserts, you will be for sure on your way to get your French cravings quenched.
FYI this chic little spot nestled in the c’est chouette Lower East Side is cash only.


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