Time To Make Your Fall Resolutions!

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It's safe to say that most of us make a list of new years resolution every January. But once we’re 10 months into the year and resolutions have been made, accomplished, and perhaps even forgotten (shh!)—we know it’s only logical to make a new set of resolution for the fall season! Need ideas? Here are our top 4 recommended topics for your fall resolutions list.





As we make our way well into the second half of the year, the new year resolutions we made to exercise everyday or avoid all that junk food may be long forgotten. Don't fret, here's an easier resolution to follow: get more sleep! Often we stay up unnecessarily late at night checking on social media or Netflix-ing it (which is totally fine!), but if you want to feel more refreshed every day, apply a face mask before bed and give yourself some time to wind down sans technology. Your complexion will glow from the extra sleep and your body will love you for it!






A common resolution around new years is to cook more at home, and those with busy schedules can find it increasingly difficult to stick to it throughout the year. Our fall recommendation for breathing new life into this resolution? Try a new restaurant in your neighborhood every other week or once a month with friends instead. Or make a regular weekend activity out of visiting your local farmers market on Sundays to pick up some fresh fruits and produce to munch on throughout the week!





We love this resolution because we're constantly trying it ourselves! Most people have their go-to look that they don't ever stray very far from. For those who rock the all-black or "50 shades of grey and neutrals" look, donning a bright headband probably feels like an enormous change. As daunting as it may seem, we encourage you to go for it! Trying new accessories you wouldn't usually wear, or flaunting a style that is out of your comfort zone are great ways to boost self-confidence and give you a fresh burst of creativity in your life and work. Plus, you'll definitely get some fun compliments from your colleagues and friends!





At the beginning of the year, we’re always excited to start anew—a new you, new friends, new job, etc. It can feel disheartening when those projects or goals we set for ourselves months ago are left behind in the dust. This season, jump back into it and focus on the hardest part--which is finishing! It's commonly thought that starting or initiating a goal or project is the hardest part of the process. However, we've seen in the creative world that following through and fully completing a project is often the biggest obstacle to success. Overcoming perfectionism and fear of failure are crucial to implementing this resolution. Even if your final product isn't exactly as you'd hoped, you can always go back and tweak to improve--getting yourself out there in the first place is a huge achievement on its own!

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