Style Test: What Kind Of Mom Do You Have?

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Welcome to the mom style test! In honor of Mother's Day, we're focusing on all things mom. She knows you inside out and can read you like the back of her hand. Now its time to read your mom and match her personality to a style. We came up for 4 styles (inspired by our own moms!) and matched them with Emma&Chloé pieces.

1. "The Best Friend"

You and your mom match each other in almost every way, from the way you dress to the food you love. When you're not together, you call everyday to share the latest gossip.  
You're no stranger to "girl time" and movie nights--and there's nothing like the
sacred mom & daughter mani/pedi sessions.

2. "The Forever Young"

Your mum is hip & trendy, and always knows what's in style! She's effortlessly chic even when casual; her signature items include classic sneakers, sunglasses and cool contemporary jewelry. Your mom taught you everything you know and you often find yourself borrowing her clothes. She likes to feel her best and is always on the go!

3. "The Glamorous" 

Fabulous, fit and a little high maintenance your mama knows what she likes and what she doesn't. She's been your fashion icon since you were little and you love seeking her style advice even as an adult. When you were younger you both rocked "mommy and me" style in complementary outfits. How much has changed?

 4. "The Hippie" 

Tats, dreads, and daily yoga sessions? If you checked at least 2, you've got yourself a proud hippie mom. There's never enough coconut water in your house and the incense is always burning. Her jewelry is boho chic meets crystal goddess and the collection is always growing.
We'll be covering some more of the team's moms soon.

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