The Style Test: Mompreneur vs Yoga Mom

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Welcome back to the mom style test! In honor of Mother's Day we're focusing on all things mom. She knows you inside out and can read you like the back of her hand. Now its time to read your mom and match her personality to a style. We came up with another 4 styles (inspired by our own moms!) and matched them with Emma&Chloé pieces.

1. "The Soccer Mom"
This mom is a well-oiled machine and knows how to organize multiple lives at once. You know she's always on the go and ready to carpool you and your friends to the next game. She manages to look effortless whatever the occasion; some say she is part mom, part multi-tasking majestic beast. 
2. "The Business Mom"
This mompreneur knows how to nurture her kids and her business at the same time. A strong roll model savvy with time, she dresses to impress for her countless business lunches. Her style and her heels are always sophistated, sleek and sharp.
3. "The Yoga Mom"

The yoga mom bends over backwards for her family. She always keeps a cool, calm aura and lives by "carpe diem". She keeps her mind, body and soul healthy and hid all refined sugars from you as a child. She has a positive attitude and lives every day like a new adventure. 


 4. "Regular Mom"

We all love our moms whatever their style, so the last mom is dedicated to the regular mom. She's always busy but still finds the time to help everyone. Nothing tastes better than her homemade food and she’s always there in a crisis to calm you down. If you don't know the style she likes, give her the gift of choice and let her decide!

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