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Hey my lovely lady bugs,

It’s me Chloe. I know Emma has said that our blog will be posted weekly but I just couldn’t wait to jump on here and say hi! Ok, the truth is, I went out on a date last night and even though he didn't turn out to be my prince charming (sometimes, you need to kiss a couple frogs too), I still wanted to answer this question: how to dress for your first date. Whether you are going on a date with your crush since middle school or someone you just matched on Tinder or even with yourself (yes, take yourself on a date, right now!), your outfit is going to be a very important part on making your time enjoyable. 

  1. Instead of dressing up, dress down. I’m not saying that you are only allowed to wear sneakers (or flip-flips apparently?), but if you are used to wearing flats, squeezing into a pair of super high stilettos might not be the smartest idea. You never know when he/she wants to take you for a long stroll at midnight or to see the latest exhibition at Palais de Tokyo.
  2. The best accessories would be a black leather jacket and a really nice scarf. Ask any French woman, and you’ll find that without these two items, some of them can’t even walk out of the door.
  3. Stay true to yourself and stay cool. Staying cool doesn’t mean that you have to be Jean Birkin or Brigitte Bardot, it simply means that no matter what happens, you should at least get a good laugh out of it. Don’t pretend to be someone perfect and make mistakes. So what if you are a little clumsy? Like my friends would always say: ce sont votre petits defaults qui font votre charme (What you think are flaws might be exactly what make your charm)!

 If you are wondering what I wore? As for my date last night, I went with a simple grey t-shirt, a purple skirt that I got from a vintage store in Paris, black tights, a bag from my great aunt, and of course, the silver arrow earrings from Emma&Chloe.

Bon Weekend! 


P.S. The code is : tgif15. Enjoy!

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