This Winter, L'Atelier Emma & Chloé is taking a creative turn. A new dynamic has arrived to offer exquisite and dazzling novelties this year. The pieces are brass gilded with fine gold or silver coated and adorned with the semi-precious stone of your choice.

Les Charmantes
Les Charmantes
With a particular focus on circular, water drop and arch shapes, this collection draws its inspiration from the most simple and revitalizing pleasures of our modern lives.
Les Charmantes
Les Adorées Les Adorées
Jewelry with twists to brighten up your ears, neck and wrists. Don’t hesitate to stack these dainty jewels for a radiant and upbeat effect.
Les Adorées
Inspired by nature, the leaf is at the centerpiece of this collection. Sweet and delicate pieces for the women who adore the delightful pleasures of life.
Les Délicates
Les Délicates Les Délicates
Les Légendaires Les Légendaires
The collection plays with triangular shapes that are interlaced in geometric harmony to express confidence and admirable character.
Les Légendaires
Les Mystérieuses
The delicacy and subtlety of lace are put in the spotlight to reflect the romantic and dreamy aura.
Les Mystérieuses Les Mystérieuses
Les Singulières
For the bold yet charming woman who fascinates anyone who crosses her path. This original collection plays with the reptilian theme bringing a touch of edginess and elegance.
Les Singulières
Les Singulières


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