Terms & Conditions

If the client does not accept the new pricing, he can stop his subscription by making use of the conditions planned in art. 7.2.1. Without any protest from the client, prices will be considered as accepted

8.3 Payment conditions

8.3.1 Formulas and Gift cards.

Payment for formulas and gift cards is made once at the subscription. The payment can also be made through the internet.

8.3.2 Subscription

Payment for subscriptions is only made through direct debit. Direct debit shall be made from the bank card given by the client, it will be done between the 5th and the 15th

- Every month in case of a monthly subscription

- The first month of a quarterly subscription.

The client will make everything in his power to ensure that the direct debit may be done.

The direct debit shall be made by the Stripe company or Paypal which are internet security payment providers to which Defi International subcontracts the application of the payments. Moreover, these companies are the only ones who will keep customer bank information for that purpose only.

Defi International does not keep any bank information.

Defi International has full right to suspend or cancel delivery of any service provided for the client if case of non payment, payment incident, fraud or fraud attempt, relative to the use of the services provided.

Penalties equal to one and a half (1.5) times the French interest rate are applicable to the due payments still pending as soon as soon as Defi International has the notification of non payment from direct debit.

III. Measures for retail sales


9.1 Purchase order submission

To place a purchase order, the client has to select the desired products and place them into the virtual shopping cart. The client has access to the content of his shopping cart whenever, before validating the purchase order so that he can correct possible mistakes that may occur.

9.2 Order Acknowledgement

Once the order is placed, the client receives a confirmation email in which he will find a detailed summary of the products he just purchased, delivery time and general terms and conditions applicable.

The invoice concerning the order is sent to the customer by all usefull means.

The client has to ensure of the correctness of his personal information for the good reception of confirmation mail and the forwarding of the goods. In case of failure, the client has to get in contact with Defi International at the address given in art.2.

Defi International advises the client to keep the information gven in the order confirmation.

The order and order confirmation are considerated received once both parties have access to the documents.

9.3 Payment

Payment has to be submitted at order confirmation. Payment can be made via the Internet, with a debit card, through Paypal.

The client certifies that he has full authority to use the payment method he chooses. Defi International has full right to suspend or cancel delivery of any service provided for the client if case of non payment, payment incident, fraud or fraud attempt, relative to the use of the services provided

10. Prices of retail products

Prices are indicated on the website, unless otherwise specified, they are in euros and all French taxes included.

Defi International reserves the right to grant promotions at its discretion. During the client’s period of subscription, the client has a 20% discount on retail products (no additional discounts can be applied)

IV Common Terms and conditions

1.1 unsubscription

The client can unsubscribe whenever he wishes to by addressing an email to the address given in art.2. He will then receive a confirmation of his unsubscription in the shortest delay. Unsubscription will involve the deletion of the client’s customer account.

12. Delivery

Delivery is made to the address given during the validation of the purchase order or during the subscription to the Service Box.

The delivery of the Box shall be made not later than the 15th of the following month.

12.1 Delivery modes

Different delivery modes are available on he website. The client can choose either of them when he subscribes to the Service Box.

Regarding retail products orders, delivery modes, and additional costs shall be indicated to the client when he places his order. The client has to select the delivery mode he wishes and all the necessary information to the good receipt of the goods according to the delivery mode

12.2 delivery time.

Defi International engages itself to respect the delay given into the order confirmation sent by email to the client.

In case of failure from Defi International to repsect its commitments, not due to circumstances of force majeure, the client can cancel the order by sending recorder delivery letter or in any other written format, if, after having urged , with the same method, DEfi International to perform the delivery with a reasonable additional time.

The contract will be considered ended once Defi International receives the recorder delivery letter or any other written format informing of the termination of the contract, unless the delivery was made meantime.

In case f termination of the contract according to the conditions above, Defi International will entirely refund the client of all expenses, including transportation costs, not later than 14 days after the receipt of the cancellation letter.

Defi International reserves the possibility to offer different methods of refunds of products and transport costs. The client will have to expressly mention his acceptance of an alternative refund mode. The client will not be refunded if the products have been received and if the request for refund is based on malicious intents.

13. Withdrawal right

13.1 Subscriptions, Formulas and retail products.

The client that subscribes to one of the services provided by Defi International has 14 working days, starting from the receipt of the first Box, to withdraw without any justifications nor paying any penalties, except for the shipping costs that will be charged to the client. The client may also cancel his subscription or formula at that moment.

The client that buys retail products has 14 working days, starting from the receipt of the first product, to withdraw without any justifications nor paying any penalties, except for the shipping costs that will be charged to the client. The client may also cancel his subscription or formula at that moment.

The client who wishes to enforce his withdrawal right has to address himself to the Defi International through the information mentioned in art.2. before the legal delay mentioned above, with the withdrawal form which is attached to the present general terms and conditions, or a written declaration expressing clearly his will to withdraw with in reference the purchase order number or his username.

The Box or the retail products must be returned in their original packaging. A copy of the invoice must be attached to the shipment. The client is responsible for the return of the products up to Defi International’s premises.

The client will be refunded in the shortest delay, not later than 14 days after the reception of the withdrawal form. The client will be refunded of the totality of the money he spentfor his subscription or formula or his order, shipment costs deducted. Defi International reserves the right to differ the refund if not all the products have been returned.

13.2 Case of non acceptance of the withdrawal right

The client that buys a gift card is expressly informed and accepts that the card represents digital content that can not be materialized physically, therefore, delivery will be made as soon as the card is paid for. By buying a gift card, the client accepts that the delivery will be made immediately. Consequently, the client surrenders his withdrawal rights according to art. L.121-21-8 13° of the French consomption code.

The client that benefits from a gift card or formula that was bought by a professional do not have the withdrawal right facility.

14 Warranty

The client has the legal non compliance warranties regarding hidden defects concerning the sold good.

If the client notes that the Box or the Product that was delivered to him presents a default, is non compliant, or is damaged, he can return it to Defi International according to the method described hereafter:

He has to contact customer service of Defi International by mail at: contact@emma-chloe.com in a period of 7 (seven) working days starting from the receipt of the concerned Box or Products, stating the nature of the default, non compliance or damage. Defi International will therefore state whether it is necessary or not to return the Box or Product. If so, The client will return the Box or Product and will be refunded of the shipment costs under the condition that he is able to provide a receipt.

The Box and Products must be returned in their original packaging, with the invoice related to the shipment and the return number provided by Defi International

The client must bear in mind that in terms of legal warranty of compliance, every consumer:

Has a delay of two (2) years starting from the delivery date to enter into action, can choose between replacement or repair of the product, according to art.L.211-9 of the French code of consumption, and has to provide proof of the existence of the non compliance default of the good during the six months following the delivery.

It is recalled that the legal warranty of compliance is applicable independently from any other commercial warranty possibly consented.

Every client can also decide to apply the warranty of non compliance according the art 1641 of the French civil code. In that respect, the client can either choose between the resolution of the sale or a special discount on the final price according the art.1644 of the French civil code.

Defi International will make the necessary verifications and will proceed accordingly.

If compensation or replacement of the Box or Product is not possible, Defi International reserves the righ to submit to the client anothe Box or Product of the same value.

15. Legal liability

15.1 Défi International reserves the right to interrupt access to its website for maintenance issues. Defi International will not be held responsible for momentary difficulties or impossibilities to access the website due to force majeure circumstances, or network telecom failure.

15.2 Defi International does not ensure to the client thet the Service Box, being a standard product, will specifically meet his expectancies and needs.

15.3 Defi International makes everything in its power to publish relevant pictures of its products on the website. However, it is possible that perception made by the client towards products does not exactly match the reality, the client acknowledges that. Consequently, photos illustrating the products do not constitute a contract, and only have informational value and do not engage Defi International’s responsibility.

15.4 Products offered in retail sales are available as soon as they are published on the website within the limits of available stocks. In case one product is not available at the order, the client will be notified by mail. The amount of the order will be reevaluated, and the client will be charged for the new amount. If the totality of the order is not available, he client will be notified by mail, and will not be charged. Defi International will not be held responsible for any prejudice suffered by the client, nor will be under the obligation to pay damages and interests.

16. Copyright

Systems, softwares, structures, facilities, data bases and contents (texts, images, gifs, music, logos, brands, etc..) used by Defi International as part of the website, as well as the Products presented are protected by copyright. Any disassembling, decompilation, decoding, extractions, reuse, copies and more generaly every action of breeding, depiction, diffusion of any of the mentioned elements without the authorization of Defi International are strictly prohibited, and can be a subject of law suit. The brands, logos, and company names, abbreviations, banners, and any name in the field of activity of Defi International and designers mentioned on the website form distinctive signs can not be used without the express consent of their owner. Every representation, reproduction of these signs is therefore prohibited.

17. Personal Data and bank information

Defi International protects personal data and bank information of which the features are explained in the document « Charte relative à la protection des données à caractère personnel et bancaires » which the client must accept after having read it.

18.Prohibited conduct

Are strictly forbidden: (i)every behavior that would interrupt, suspend, slow down or prevent the continuity of the Service, (ii) every intrusion or intrusion attempts in Defi International’s premises, (iii) every embezzlement of Defi International’s ressources (iv) every action that would impose unnecessary charge on the infrastructure (v) every action that violates security measures (vi) every action that would violate rights, financial,moral or commercial interests of Defi International or the clients of the website, and more generally any failure to respect these general terms and conditions.

In case of failure to any of the above instructions, Defi International reserves the right to engage any appropriate measure or law suit accordingly.

19. Advertising

Defi International reserves the right to insert wherever on the website, advertisement or promotional ads at its discretion. More general, the client declares to be aware that defi International will have authority to diffuse whatever advertisement and promotion on the website.

20. Links, third party websites.

Defi International will not be held responsible for technical unavailability of the websites available on its website. Defi International will assume no responsibility for the content, advertisement, products and service available on third party websites which are managed by their own general terms and conditions. Defi Inetrnational is will not be held responsible for transactions made between its clients and possible vendors by which the client will have gotten into contact with through defi International’s website.

21. Modifications.

Dei International reserves the right to change at any moment the content of the present general terms and conditions. Clients will be informed of any changes by any usefull means at least one month and a half before the entry into force.

If a client subscribes to any service, the modified general terms and conditions will be applicable to him starting from the renewal of the subscription according to their entry into force. If the client does not accept the modified general terms and conditions he has to cancel his subscription before the entry into force of the modified general terms and conditions.

If the client has a formula or a gift card, the general terms and conditions applicable are the ones that were into force when the formula or gift card was purchased.

Concerning retail sales, modified geberal terms and conditions will be applicable to clients who make an order after their entry into force.

When a client makes an order in addition to the Service Box, the client will be subject to the general terms and conditions he will accept at that moment only.


In case of translation of the present general terms and conditions in one or diverse tongues, the mother tongue will be French in case of contestations, or contradictions on the meaning of a word or term.

23.Applicable law and jurisdiction

The present general terms and conditions will be under the French law.

In case of contestation on the interpretation of the executionof these general terms and conditions, parties accept that only courts in Paris will be competent to judge any case, unless there are procedural rules that indicate something else.

24. Entry into force

The present general terms and condition shall enter into force on the 25th of may 2015 (25/05/2015).