3-Month Membership + 3-Month Subscription BFCM - Emma & Chloe
3-Month Membership + 3-Month Subscription BFCM - Emma & Chloe

3-Month Membership + 3-Month Subscription BFCM


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Jewelry is decent, Customer service leaves a lot to be desired.

Every piece has been fine. I think the price point of $33 per piece is generally fine, but I was not impressed with customer service. Also, I did not like that they auto renewed my shipments without any contact from /with me.

Nice jewelry, concerned about some of their logistics

I was really liking this monthly "surprise" and I sort of got disillusioned when the company somehow facebook messaged me to tell me I left something in a shopping cart, despite me never going through facebook for any account information. But that was where I saw the original ad and clicked, so I guess it somehow tracked from there. It felt very invasive to get a facebook private message trying to get me to buy something. I'm used to email spam, but not social media spam.

The jewelry is lovely, but I missed the last shipment because my PO box was closing and I really thought it would get there faster than it did (other months were faster). It's not their fault, but I don't have much hope for tracking down the shipment because I'm nervous about contacting this company and giving them more private information. Some of their coupon codes in their emails are misleading or don't work at all.

I hope it really is supporting female designers like it claims, I like that concept a lot.

I would recommend this to anyone trying to spice up their accessory wardrobe. Especially the younger generation that is used to advertising and branding and social media. Regardless of their questionable marketing ethics, the pieces are delicate, fashion-forward, and just overall fun.

I LOVE My Subscription!

I am on my second three-month subscription, and I've been very happy so far. The presentation is lovely; included is the Emma & Chloé magazine La Gazette, which features information about the month's designer as well as highlights from their own collection, and the jewelry is presented in a pretty box with a protective pouch. So far, I've been delighted with the jewelry they've sent and have ordered other pieces from their Atelier to go with them. I've gotten rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings, so the variety has been nice. I love getting a beautiful surprise from France every month and am thinking about renewing for a longer term when my current subscription is finished.

Amazing Present!

Gave this box as a Christmas gift to my Mom and she absolutely loved it! Great quality jewelry that was a great surprise for 6 months!

Beautiful and Delicate

The fragile cuff bracelet in gold with white little gems is stunning and I absolutely love it! I would highly recommend it to any one that loves classy and delicate jewelry.



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