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Meet The French Designer Of August: Leslie Khayat
 Almost two years later, Leslie Khayat and her brand HELLES return to the spotlight. After graduating from Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture fashion school in Paris, the brand was born in 2008.  For the second time HELLES is our designer of the...
7 Iconic Bang Styles For Every Face
As we work our way into August, (hello "back-to-school"!) it's the perfect time to flaunt a classic throwback with your beloved locks. Like chokers and flare jeans, all good things come back 'round. You've likely had bangs at one point or another in your life, but if the last...
10 Moments Every Girlfriend Experiences
Here are 10 pictures we're sure you'll relate to... 1. The beginning. 2. When the feelings kick in. 3. Give me all your attention.   4. When you finally get comfortable. 5. When they fall in love with the real you. 6. Time to compromise. 7....
Reinvent Your Look With The Hair Scarf
Scarves and head wraps are golden accessories for any season, especially summer! Practical and eccentric, they add style to any outfit. Bring out your inner Blair Waldorf and work a hair accessory this season!But where to begin? Unlike sunglasses, head accessories are much more versatile to...
July's Designer Piece... Revealed!
Nilaï Comar is a bohemian inspired jewelry designer from Turkey. Her pieces relay a story of her childhood, having spent 18 years venturing daily to the great bazaar of Istanbul. Her collections are an explosion of color and eastern aesthetic that exude the essence of...
Bastille Day: 8 French Facts You Didn't Know
Did you know...that it's illegal to name a pig "Napoleon" in France? Or that potatoes were also illegal in France from the years of 1772-1784? Better yet, this is perhaps the most shocking: croissants were originally an Austrian creation, dreamed up by a artillery officer...

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