Discover Nils Avril, the French designer of the February box

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Nils Avril is a fine jewelry brand founded in 2008. Her products are sold in France and abroad but every single piece is handmade in the Parisian workshop of the Designer. Let you be tempted by the brand's universe with refined jewelry that will sublimate any outfits.


What is your signature in your creations? Nils Avril is a brand of costume jewelry, fine and colorful, created in 2008 and constantly evolving since. Distributed in France and abroad, the jewelry is made in small series by the designer in her Parisian studio.


What is your journey in the world of jewelry? My journey in jewelry is not really "classic." I have a bachelor degree in Cinema. After 8 years of cinematographic production, where I created jewelry to escape,and to maintain my creativity, I decided to create my jewelry business (in 2008). This is how Nils Avril came into being. It started first in the corner of my living room, then little by little invading my apartment, and I finally took the whole thing to a small Parisian studio, which is also my shop.


Where do you take your inspiration from? I take my inspiration from everywhere. I am very curious about life. The actresses are one of my inexhaustible source of inspiration (Gena Rowland, Romy Schneider, etc ...) but also my precious friends, and most women in general. I also have a great passion for prints (fabrics, tapestries, wallpaper, etc ...). They nourish my imagination and creativity.


What are your plans for the future? With two large collections to deliver per year, I must renew myself all the time and still keep my identity. I'm currently finishing the production of the SS 2017 while already thinking about the next collection. 

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Chemicals of Love...

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When in love, we often want to put a label on our feelings, and we want to explain with the best metaphors what our bodies and minds are experiencing. However, we don’t often pay attention to the scientific reasons. Good insights can be drawn from biology and from familiarizing ourselves with the chemicals dwelling in our bodies. Don’t worry, dear. Knowing about them doesn’t take the magic away. It only gives you a better understanding of what you feel at a given moment. In love, you can’t always decide with your rational mind. You need to listen to your guts and to your good old limbic system. So here are 5 chemicals involved in love:


Dopamine: Dopamine creates intense rushes of pleasure. It’s the same chemical involved in drug use, gambling, and exercise. Dopamine makes you want even more dopamine: when you get some, your brain requests more of it. You crave more euphoria. The mere sight of the object of interest increases your dopamine levels and makes you crave it even more. It activates the pleasure system of the brain, reinforcing the motivation to repeat the behavior. It’s all about seeing his or her face again. Seeing his or her name on your phone.


Phenylethylamine: This chemical might sound complicated and strange to you, but in truth, it is your best friend. Why? Because it can be found in chocolate! It is known for its mood-boosting properties and will make you feel like Jack in Titanic… or like you are in an R. Kelly song. Romeo asks you for a late-night drink? Take a piece of chocolate and go. Run.

Serotonin: Normal serotonin production can help maintain a balanced mood, promote relaxation, and help improve memory. And when you are in love, sometimes you can quickly switch from feeling calm to feeling very anxious. Is he thinking about me? Did I do anything wrong? Your levels of serotonin are disrupted easily, and so you're more vulnerable to anxiety.


 Oxytocin: This neurochemical produced by your hypothalamus will facilitate your bonding experience; it’s the “love hormone.” It’s the same chemical released when a mother breastfeeds her child, which leads to a deeper attachment. You’re securely attached and you’re well being is improved, just like if you had swallowed a magical pill. This release of oxytocin occurs often after sex.


Endorphins: Associated with feeling of comfort and attachment, endorphins are natural painkillers that will calm your anxiety. You’re zen. Your stress has disappeared. When Romeo walks into the room, you feel safer and appeased. You feel complete and happy.


Vasopressin: Involved in long-term commitment, vasopressin is your monogamous chemical: you’re with him/her forever. And ever. And ever.

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Five Hundred go

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Long-distance relationships are hard. But with a few tips from Chloe, it might be easier to manage than you think! 

  1. Communicate: Communication is super important in a long-distance relationship. But the one I’m referring to is the one before you jump into a long-distance relationship, you and your partner need to sit down and talk about your values as well as your goals. If you see that your guys are on the same page and if you still want to make it work over the distance, do it!
  2. Make time to see each other: You need to make time to see each other in person from time to time. This meet-up will serve as a temporary light at the end of tunnel that will help you survive the time that you are not seeing him/her.
  3. Don’t sweat the small stuff: It is essential to remember that when you get into a fight, you can’t see each other immediately to make it up. Words can be misinterpreted over texts; sentences can be misheard over your call. You need to learn to choose to let go some things.
  4. Remember you have the liberty to do whatever you wish to do. There are definitely bright sides in being in a long-distance, during your time apart, you can focus on your work and your studies, spend more time with friends, and visit your family.
  5. And if you are worried about what to get for your significant other’s birthday, Emma&Chloe is here to help with our gift subscription services. Whether you are currently studying abroad in Europe or your girlfriend/ wifey is, you can make a three month gift subscription to let her know how much you care for her!
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Pumpkin Spice-Not just your basic latte ;)

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Fall is here! For all your Starbucks lovers, pumpkin spice lattes are a must! But did you know that there are other ways that you can incorporate all the pumpkin goodness into your fall routine? Let’s jump right in!

  1.  Pumpkin Pie fragrance at the Fragrance Library is a fun and delicious addition to your perfume collection!                                                                        
  2. David’s Tea Pumpkin Thai Candles: What’s the best way to unwind in the evening than lighting up some candles and reading your favorite book with a cup of team in hand?
  1. Bath & Body Works Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin Shower Gel: Imagine your shower will smell like cinnamon and pumpkin and all that good stuff. I would love to jump in the shower and smell like my favorite drink every morning! It might save up some of my trip to Starbucks!
  1. Tony Moly Pumpkin Sheet Mask: We all know that Tony Moly makes the cutest makeup. I personally adore their Petit Bunny Gloss Bar. But the Pumpkin Sheet Mask does not only offer you an overload of cuteness but also maximum hydration. So, what are you waiting for?                    
  2. May-and-June bracelet: Our May-and-June Bracelet is classic for this fall. Elegantly composed of plum and gold, this jewelry will definitely spice up these gloomy autumn days!



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    NYFW: Five Things That You SHOULDN'T Miss

    Posted by Chloe from Emma&Chloe on

    • Kanye West and Yeezy

      Journalists and editors alike were “kidnapped" to Randall’s Island for the big day and the show was apparently late for three hours. Taking place next to a smallpox hospital, models were made to stand under the unforgiving New York sun and some of them even had to sit down to avoid fainting.

    • Tommy x Gigi

      Gigi Hadid heats up NYFW by partnering up with Tommy Hilfiger in designing his latest collection. We know the brand has not been cool for a while, but is supermodel Gigi really the panacea?

    • Rebecca Minkoff and her friends!

      You probably heard of Chriselle Lim. She’s a fashion designer, stylist, Instagrammer, Snapchatter (it’s not a word, but we’re going to use it anyway), etc. But you probably didn’t know her new title - model. During the fashion week, she was invited by her friend, Rebecca, to hit the runway promoting her latest designs.

    • Mansur Gavriel

      Mansur Gavriel are surely known for their bucket bags, but their new red leather suede bags are just to die for!

    • Emma&Chloe knows how much you guys want to stay “à la mode.” However, we also understand that saving money is important for you, especially for our students. That’s why we want to offer a student discount – enter the code “STUDENT” when you check out and you’ll SAVE up to $26 per purchase!      

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