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Meet The French Designer Of August: Leslie Khayat

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Almost two years later, Leslie Khayat and her brand HELLES return to the spotlight. After graduating from Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture fashion school in Paris, the brand was born in 2008. 

For the second time HELLES is our designer of the month. She creates trendy, yet timeless pieces to complete your outfits, and believes the jewel should adapt to your style. Glamorous statement pieces will never let you go unnoticed.


How did you discover your passion for jewelry?

I always loved creating art with my hands. My first pieces of jewelry were made from ceramics; jewelry design is a field of artistic expression that has continued to evolve for me over the years.

What is your inspiration behind the brand?
In 2005, I participated in a contest for up-and-coming designers organized by the major department store, Le Printemps in Lyon. I won an award and had the amazing opportunity to host my own jewelry pop-up there during the busiest holiday season of the year. Thanks to this beautiful exhibition and success, I participated in my first trade show and the adventure of Anne Thomas really dream came true; to share my jewelry creations with the world!


Where did your brand name come from?
I make reference to the Hells Angels and their rock and rebel spirit. Helles is also a representation of femininity within women, women are in fact my muses when it comes to creating jewelry. Femininity and glam rock are very present in the brand.

Where does your love for semi-precious stones come from?

I work largely with raw metal, it was a natural transition for me to add semi-precious stones for color. What I like most about these stones is that they are natural and therefore genuine, for the most part they also have spiritual properties and meanings.

How would you advise people to wear your piece of the month?
It's a little touch of freshness for all summer outfits! A tank top, denim shorts and a light flowered kimono for example. And don't be hesitant to wear this piece in combination with other jewels, stack it all up!

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