Must-Try Costumes This Halloween

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Autumn is finally here gals...which means Halloween season is creeping around the corner. Whether or not you're trick-o-treating this year, it's never too early to start prepping your costume! We've scoured the internet for some of the most original costume ideas we could find so you can get inspired!

1) Little Red Riding Hood & The Big Bad Wolf


For the husky/big dog parents out there...this is an adorable costume idea that's super easy to execute! All you need? Red cape and basket for yourself, and a bonnet + curly wig for your furry friend (bonus points if you add an apron in there!). Of course, you can also partner with a human friend for this classic fairytale theme!

2) Snapchat Filters!


Adorable and witty, we love this costume idea and will definitely be trying it out ourselves! The rainbow barf is another popular "filter" to try as a costume--check out a makeup tutorial here!

3) Alfred Hitchcock Films

A true Halloween horror fan? This costume idea is for you! From The Birds to Psycho, there's a plethora of Hollywood classics that you can pull inspiration from for a gory ensemble this Halloween...

4) Captain America & Peggy Carter


Comic book fan or not, this is the perfect costume to try with your best friend or S.O.! Superheroes are a tried-and-true Halloween look, but they're also the perfect excuse to bond with your bae. Aye aye cap'n! 

5) Taco Belle...& Other Puns


There's no fun without a good pun. The best part about wearing a punny costume is watching people's reactions as they try to guess what your ensemble means...and the moment of realization once it hits them!

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